Bronze Varaha


Bronze Sculpture


31 X 16 X 9 inches




This sculpture represents an avatar of Vishnu, Varaha the boar. He holds a conch and a discus, items which are often held by Vishnu. Seated on one of Varaha’s multiple arms is Bhudevi, his consort, representing Earth. Under his right foot is Adisheha, the King of Nagās. Varaha, marks the progression of life on Earth from amphibian to mammal.

The detailing on this pieces is especially fine. The muslin loin cloth folds have a remarkably realistic flow.

| It is said that before the road was built in front of it, the grand Varaha sculpture of Udayagiri, near present day Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, rose high from the waters of the tank before it. The great relief in Cave No. 5 in Udayagiri captures the story of the Varaha, considered the third avatar of Lord Vishnu. You can see Bhudevi perched on the anthropomorphic boar’s shoulders. |



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