ART THRESHOLD houses a unique collection of art and antiquities from a sophisticated private collection. 

Peruse through INDIAN artefacts dating back to the 3rd Century, breath-taking paintings in Tanjore and Mysore style of art, Jain miniature paintings, Jain religious folios, bronze Jain Tirthankars, sublime intricate sculptures representing history and Indian heritage at its best. Explore the Empire building Gupta Period (4th – 6th Century) of Puranic legends, the arrival of Jainism in South India under the patronage of the Royal Family of Mysore, Tamil Nadu’s golden age under the Chola Dynasty and much more. Every work of art in this collection is a testament to India’s glorious cultural and historically artisanal heritage.

Also browse through an exquisite ORIENTAL COLLECTION centred around a bridal boudoir. Carvings dating back to over 130 years of antiquity. Offered with Certificates of Antiquity. Mandarin cabinets with original hinges, Carved Camphor Chests, Chinese jewellery boxes, Bridal headboards, Ceremonial wood carvings, Reverse Glass Paintings and Sumi-e Ink Brush paintings.

For CONTEMPORARY  ART aficionados, marvel at works by Dominic Besner and botanical artist, Damodar.