SOLD Kalapasūtra Manuscript

A pair of ancient religious Jain folios from the Kalapasūtra Manuscript written in the middle Indo-Aryan liturgical language of Pali. Widely used in Buddhist scriptures during ancient times. The earliest samples of Pali discovered are inscriptions believed to date from 5th to 8th Century located in mainland Southeast Asia, specifically central Siam and lower Burma. The Kalpasūtra is an ancient book of rituals, sacred to the Jains. The Kalpasūtra is one of the most important and popular texts in the Śvetāmbara tradition of Jainism. Painted on parchment. Possibly from the 18th Century or earlier. 



Ink, opaque water colour on paper


10.25 X 4.5 inches each


Late 18th Century AD


INR 2,00,000 FOR PAIR